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Zia Victoria has been writing songs for more than half her life, and she hasn't yet turned 18. In fact, the New York native scarcely remembers a time when she wasn't always singing, starting when she was a toddler. By second grade, Zia Victoria was writing and performing her own material, envisioning a life in music. Every day brings her one step closer.

By now, she estimates that she has written hundreds of songs. She has performed on the Today show; shared stages with James Taylor and Florida Georgia Line; sung the national anthem at Madison Square Garden, Fenway Park and Citizens Bank Park; opened for Lake Street Dive in Central Park, and penned a song for tennis star Novak Djokovic's educational foundation, which she debuted at a benefit in Milan.

Writing songs has been a way for Zia Victoria to connect with herself while navigating the tumultuous world of adolescence as a creative kid with an abundance of enthusiasm that her peers didn't always embrace. Singing her songs is a way to connect with other people. "If I can make a difference in one person's life, that's incredible, and I will feel fulfilled," she says. "If I can make a difference for thousands, or millions, of people, that's really the dream because when you have a message and you've struggled in the past, you know that people can relate to it."

A versatile writer whose music can range from hooky alt-rock to moodier bedroom pop to hard-rock ravers, Zia Victoria started guitar lessons when she was 6, and added voice lessons a year later. She wrote her first song, "I Love My Life," when she was in second grade, in response to a challenge from her father to burn off some of her pent-up energy. Now Zia Victoria is honing her style as part of Warner Chappell Music, where she has begun writing collaboratively with other musicians for the first time. "It's awesome, because it really brings a lot of perspective to the table, and it's not all about what you feel," she says. "It's the collaboration that that brings camaraderie."

Despite her ever-growing cache of songs, and an expressive voice that is mature far beyond her years, Zia Victoria knows she's really just getting started. Keeping her eye on the long game helps temper her eagerness to forge ahead as quickly as possible. "I'm impulsive, but I'm not rushing it. I want to make sure that I have a really long-lasting career," she says. "But I have so many songs that are unreleased that I just can't wait to share with the world."

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