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Kaifeng-born, Vancouver based Yu Su works as a composer, DJ, and sound artist. Tapping into an expansive repertoire of "forth world" ambience and left-field dance music, Yu Su's emotion-packed compositional punches are best described as organically groovy jazz-bient expeditions between coasts.

A proficient instrumentalist who conjures up moments of natural and synthetic beauty, her delicate, dub-inflected signature balances a variety of luminous and wistful downtempo textures. She is responsible for productions on DC's People's Potential Unlimited (2017), The Hague-based Wichelroede (2017), NYC's RVNG Intl. & Arcane (2018), and Amsterdam based Second Circle (2019).

As a DJ, she holds a highly unique voice, crafting evocative musical narratives which touch on a wide range of influences and personal introspections.

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