Under her artist name YAOUNDÉBOXINGCLUB, French-Cameroonian singer, songwriter, producer and mix engineer Marjorie Bassong produces and records her songs in her bedroom in North London, as well as in her family home in France. Her debut EP I Thought I Knew You, Boy Was I Wrong is an EP inspired by coming-of-age movies she used to watch growing up in Limoges, a university town in west-central France. She envisioned being in a movie and creating a soundtrack for it.

Led by the focus track, "When the Movie Ends," the self-produced 6-track EP is a collection of vulnerable indie pop songs that sees the introspective artist explore not only herself but also her surrounding world. It's also a cohesive body of work filled with songs reflecting on learning from past mistakes and learning more about yourself.

Citing John Mayer, The 1975, Valley, SZA and Paramore as major influences for this EP, YAOUNDÉBOXINGCLUB's emotionally-driven indie pop songs built over vibrant productions have amassed over a quarter of a million streams on Spotify alone since December 2019.

"The EP is a very personal body of work where I really dive deep into myself in order to find out who I am. It was a very interesting process because I had a chance to do an introspection of myself. I'm putting it all out there for others to see, so I hope they can connect and relate to it." - YAOUNDÉBOXINGCLUB.

Having been making music since the age of 13, YAOUNDÉBOXINGCLUB is characterised by her wavy productions, poetic lyrics and warm voice. Based in both the UK and France, YBC (as some of her collaborators call her) defines herself by not defining herself and her music, letting her creativity flow and not limiting herself to a specific genre of music. Writing, producing and mixing all of her music, she wants her music to speak for herself and represent who she is: a free spirit. Her releases such as "Young," "Carry Me Away (I Wanna Feel)," "When the Movie Ends," and "NIGHTRIDE" have garnered attention and support from tastemakers such as Fashionably Early, DMY, DNü, Atwood Magazine, as well as editorial support on Spotify playlists; New Music Friday UK, Our Generation, Fresh Finds, Fresh Finds Pop, Fresh Finds R&B, All New Indie and an alternative future.

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