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For Will Linley, a career in music was a distant dream. The 20-year-old musician & songwriter, born & raised in Cape Town, South Africa, can't remember a time in his life without music. He grew up singing with his three brothers & his mom & studied classical singing in high school. The singer's debut single, MISS ME (WHEN YOU'RE GONE), was written last October, inspired by a real-life experience. The song got traction after Will teased it on TikTok, and he & his producers have refined the emotionally-wrought tune since. Like all of Will's music, MISS ME (WHEN YOU'RE GONE) evokes a universal connection & uplifting positivity. A phrase commonly used amongst South Africans is 'We're stronger together' & that is something I want to bring through in my music," WILL notes, "It's exciting to have the place I call home on display through my art."

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