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Tired Pony is Gary Lightbody (Snow Patrol), Peter Buck (REM), Iain Archer, Richard Colburn (Belle and Sebastian), Scott McCaughey, Troy Stewart and producer/multi-instrumentalist Garret "Jacknife" Lee. Lightbody formed the group in 2009 to realize his long-standing ambition of making an Americana album. However, over a period of nine days in February and March, sequestered in Lee's Topanga Canyon studio, the reality outgrew his vision -- "The Ghost of the Mountain" shows a much wider range of textures and influences. Of the recording, Buck notes, "We were trying to soak up the Topanga canyon folk vibe but also bring the discordant Krautrock and weird synth-pop sound into it too." The sophomore release also features contributions by guest vocalists, Bronagh Gallagher, Kim Topper and Minnie Driver. Woven into the songs of the new record is the narrative of two characters dealing with an unforgiveable act that has changed both of their lives. Lightbody wrote about this same duo on "The Place We Ran From" and that story continues here. "We had so much fun doing the first one and I had so much more to say on the characters," he explains.

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