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"Their scintillating majesty is led by frontman Zak Nimmo. Beautiful like a young Jagger, he moves like no one you have ever seen. From Northern Soul to RnB to borderline breakdancing, Nimmo doesn't demand your attention, he takes it!" (Travellers Tunes)

2020. The Great Year That Never Was. Armed with an album's worth of well-crafted classics, The Shakes were ready to begin their assault on the unsuspecting public after Liverpudlian Zak Nimmo moved to London and finally found the comrades to fulfill his musical vision.

Songs have been crafted that reflect the coming of age. Reflections that range from the secrets of forbidden love, to entitlement and The Establishment, police brutality, the fall of the British Empire, to celebrating the simple pleasure of dressing up with friends and transporting yourself back to a by-gone era to lose yourself in the chaos and mayhem that only music can provide.

Like all great bands before them they have drawn on influences such as The Strokes, The Sonics, The Libertines and The Kinks and added their own magic to create a unique sound.

Electrifying shows at The IOW Festival and Shiiine On Weekender instantly created 'I was there' moments and created a buzz which meant that their debut London show sold out in a matter of hours. This was the catalyst that led to an 8-date UK tour being booked and every night selling out well in advance.

Despite no music being officially released, the band have been invited to play Lakefest, Stockton Calling, The Great Escape, Mucky Weekender as well as support to Miles Kane.

They have secured an endorsement from Gibson UK and can count on the support from Steve Lamacq and Chris Hawkins (BBC Radio 6), John Kennedy (Radio X) and Photographer Tom Oxley.

The melody, the intensity, and the passion for making music that matters to people. In a day and age when many people seem to discount the staying power of rock and roll, The Shakes are carrying the flame and proving the naysayers wrong. The Question is; Are you aware?

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