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"Booyah" is the latest album by The Booyah! Kids. This time around, The Booyah! Kids reflect on the serious side of the everyday. "Call Me" meditates on themes of consent and intimate frustration. "Don't Trust Me" is both a confession of ulterior motives in a platonic relationship and a confession of detachment in an intimate relationship. "Only U" captures the struggle of simultaneous interpersonal displeasure and intimate satisfaction. "Brother May I" is a bittersweet question to an older sibling. "Priority" is a love song from afar. "Dani Dasani" (a theme song of sorts) reminds us that frustration and carelessness can take their toll even amidst blue skies and picnic food. "Time" is an ode to the weight of love lost. "Julian 19," written by Ariah Henderson, captures the intangibility of love on a summer day. "La Girl" is a recollection in the wake of a reconnection. "Get Away" is a coming-of-age tune in which the kids face the future and its uncertainty as they grow older. "Booyah" was written and recorded over the course of winter 2018 to fall 2019. The album cover and accompanying visual media for "Booyah" was recorded by Layla Kuriloff and produced by Emma Lee. "Booyah" was mixed and mastered by Julian Kaufman.

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