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New York based Sarah Kinsley's music evokes all the feelings. A schooled but intuitive musician/singer/producer, she expresses and explores doubts and dreams in her captivating and sometimes ironic alt-pop songs. Distinctive and atmospheric she delves into both the intimate and the expansive, the introspective and the cinematic. Narratively driven, there's a wholesome, dreamlike quality to her lyrics, whilst musically it runs the gamut from a hazy, alluring dream-pop to the more flamboyant and adventurous leftfield pop too.

It's a sound that has already found her a veritable army of fans all over the globe from her introductory The King (2021) and Cypress (2022) EPs to the stark and vulnerable one-off, 'The Giver.' With her beguiling new "Ascension" EP (2023), Sarah Kinsley has quickly and efficiently become a go-to for deliciously warm, lush and moreish sounds, and arguably pop's most interesting and irresistible new voice.

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