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Listening to Ruby Red (composed of Daniel Laner and Fernando Fine) is like going back in time to the future -- with 80's synths clashing nicely with a modern edge. The Oakland-born, LA-based duo shared their 2020 EP Area of Affect then sold out their 2021 LA debut show. Ruby Red quickly got recognized by key tastemakers such as Zane Lowe and FLAUNT Mag to name a few, while being slotted #1 on Spotify's Fresh Finds Indie playlist. Clad in red gloves and avant garde pairings, Ruby Red have their eyes set on superstardom and have more to come in 2022.

The indie-pop duo have shared a brand new single "Too Late (To Call)," co-produced by Nineteen85 and DallasK. The record blends lyrics tinged with yearning and wistfulness with an injection of infectious rhythm for those looking to lose themselves on the dancefloor.

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