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Roscoe Roscoe are a new teenage Psychedelic, Pop-Rock 5 piece, from the realms of East London. The band, made up of Frontman; Charlie Read Clarke, Guitarist; Jacob Muna, Synths player Milanka Caballero, Bassist; Charlie Brown and Drummer; Ben Limmer, all met at The Brit School where they studied Music performance and technology.

Their ever expanding shared love for modern, 60's influenced Psychedelia, as well as avant-pop bands such as Stereolab and Broadcast, are what brought the band together and drove Roscoe Roscoe's diverse but unique sound.

Known for their strong, inventive live performance, Roscoe will see the audience infixed in a warm, floating dream, bathed in glowing guitar tones and melodic, shimmering synths.

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