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Screaming rap rock electro pop mutants fighting against the forces of darkness inside our own heads.

"Those sharp bursts of guarana loaded energy are so good, this is a rollercoaster ride bumpier than any other and i'm leaving invigorated af" -- (Declan Byrne, triple J)

"Dynamic and engaging -- genre synergy at its best" -- (Grace Farrell, FBI Radio)

"So cool. RedHook expertly tilt between vulnerable and furious." -- (Nastassia Baroni, Music Feeds)

"Juicy As fuck. RedHook effortlessly combine pop-sensibility with modern rock and a touch of post-hardcore. Flawlessly catchy, modern and mosh-inducing." -- (Monica Strut, Heavy Mag)

"RedHook will punch you right in the guts from the first listen.That's not only because the music possesses a relentless intensity but also thanks to the emotional depth that sticks with you." -- (Sam Murphy, Cool Accidents)

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