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Grammy-nominated singer Ray Dalton is primed for big moves with his major-label solo debut -- new soul-pop anthem "In My Bones" (out now via Epic Records). The song is an uplifting driving force for good, in both cadence and theme. It combines Dalton's one-of-a-kind voice, the heart of old spirituals and the anthemic soul of Adele's "Rolling in the Deep." The first single in this new chapter of 27-year-old Dalton's life, it's a song about focusing on your goals, overcoming any obstacle and pushing through to victory. As it pumps from the speakers, he delivers with the authority of a cowboy riding high into a treacherous town, ready to lay down the law.

For Dalton, 2020 is a year of rebirth, starting with "In My Bones." In a society that wrestles with self-doubt and anxiety, we long for kinship. We desire artists who can tell our stories, who can give voice to our struggles and help us celebrate our triumphs. Ray Dalton is poised to take up that torch.

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