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November Ultra, often praised for her deep and warm voice, divides her time between recording studios and her DIY bedroom- studio, working for others as a topliner/songwriter (Jaden Smith, Claire Laffut, Terrenoire, Kungs, Anna Majidson, Jasmi╠łn, Grant, Maja Francis, Barbara Pravi...) while recording, exploring and producing her own songs.

As practice, she produces reworks of songs she covers and improvises on -- her "Secret Tapes"- that she then publishes on instagram IGTV and Youtube to familiarise her audience with the different sounds and intricacies of her own music.

Her future debut album sounds like a journey through her DNA, 11 songs that showcase the musical roots of an artist who grew up listening to folk music, r&b and with a very obsessive Spanish grand-father who introduced her to his adoration for 60's musicals and Spanish copla.

Her two first singles, the soothing DIY lullaby "Soft & Tender" and the sweet and sour "Miel" gives us a little taste of what is to come : warm, comforting and cinematographic bedroom pop.

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November Ultra, chanteuse à la voix profonde et apaisante divise son temps entre le studio où elle travaille pour et avec d'autres artistes en tant que toplineuse/songwriteuse (Jaden Smith, Claire Laffut, Terrenoire, Kungs, Anna Majidson, Jasmïn, Barbara Pravi, Alicia...) et sa chambre, dans laquelle elle fabrique en grande partie ses morceaux.

Le résultat : un voyage à travers l'éventail musical de l'hispanofrançaise bercée à la folk, à la copla espagnole, au r&b, et aux comédies musicales des années 60. Elle produit trois Secret Tapes, des reworks de Radiohead ou Sufjan Stevens, qu'elle poste sur son IGTV Instagram et Youtube afin de familiariser les gens aux sonorités de sa musique et de son futur album.

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