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Kordhell is an anonymous musician, artist, and record producer from the United Kingdom, currently residing in an unknown location somewhere within California. He previously played in various extreme metal acts, until abandoning these projects for his mysterious Electronic music project, under the new moniker "Kordhell." In early 2022, Kordhell's song "Murder In My Mind" exploded on TikTok and YouTube, helping the song reach the Billboard Dance charts, UK top 100, and its current status of over 200 million+ Spotify streams. Boasting a massive 14 million+ monthly listeners, and over 4 million Spotify streams per day, Kordhell is one of music's fastest growing streaming stories and artists of 2022. Currently working on the Fast & Furious X soundtrack and various high profile remixes and collaborations, expect Kordhell's momentum to only increase in 2023 and beyond.

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