Keller Williams' Petty Grass featuring The Hillbenders Booking Info

Keller Williams' Petty Grass featuring The Hillbenders booking

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Definition: Petty Grass is Bluegrass versions of Tom Petty hits. Sing-alongs that some people didn't even know they knew. Tom Petty songs are like that, and Petty Grass celebrates this.

There is nothing like a room full of people singing along to the same song. In 2015, I put together a set of Tom Petty songs to be done bluegrass at a benefit for my local S.P.C.A. I had so much fun putting the project together, it brought a wave of joy over me singing these songs. With his untimely passing, these songs have been pushed to the forefront of my mind and is seems like as good a time as any to celebrate, publicly, the hits of Tom Petty. Luckily, The HillBenders share my passion for this music and it just so happens that they are kick ass pickers who have amazing attention to detail, you can see for yourself as they cover the entire rock opera of The Who's "Tommy." These Petty songs lend themselves quite easily to bluegrass and by the end of the night, the audience will more than likely be singing in harmony.

- Keller Williams

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Exclusive Booking Agency for Keller Williams' Petty Grass featuring The Hillbenders: North America