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Joy Anonymous are a dynamic duo who have risen through the South London community learning how to create safe collaborative spaces where truth, empowerment and authenticity remain at the core of the creative process. Known for their high energy joyful live performances, they have built a strong cult following and a show that is not to be missed. Most notably their performances on Southbank throughout the pandemic, which brought joy and happiness in a time where people struggled.

Their last album, 'Human Again' was championed by Pete Tong, The Blessed Madonna and fellow creative Fred again.. The birth of the album was documented by Vice and written about on Notion.

More recently, their latest single release 'JOY (Love's Not Real)' fuses elements of disco, house and gospel. This high energy anthem is perfect for the upcoming summer festival season. A vibrant first release for 2022, which is reflective of how much the world has changed since Joy Anonymous first started out, in pre-pandemic times.

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