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Infinity Machine is a collaborative project between Juan MacLean and Greg Droggitis (Gee Dee) that intentionally wields the power of sound as a ritualistic, ceremonial and healing device. It is a project composed of two essential parts, extending far beyond just an alias; Infinity Machine is a musical entity that creates/produces sound (via MacLean/Droggitis) and is also a ceremonial event. Having begun as a “psychedelic dance ceremony,” the project was created as a way to explore alternative avenues for healing. Ultimately, it’s a vessel with purpose, aiming to merge the world of ceremonial psychedelic healing with the arena of electronic music.

An intentional, curated experience that combines sacred medicine, meditation, movement, and sound, Infinity Machine has become an alternative healing space in the New York area and has cultivated an organic following through word-of-mouth and invitation. Sound meditation is the focus of Infinity Machine, ushered in through a structured ceremony. Inwards and outwards focus find equal footing through meditative journeying as well as movement/dance.

The sonic experience that accompanies IM’s guided healing is entirely improvised, combining natural instrumentation with synth-derived sounds. Infinity Machine is not limited to a specific genre or category, though it might broadly be described as ambient. In ceremony and in their productions, MacLean and Droggitis make use of analog, natural, vibrational and electronic instrumentation, from bowls, gongs, shruti boxes, singing, bells to synth-derived textures. Whether it’s the soulful lull of a flute, the timelessness of piano, the soft beat of hand drum, or the droning whirr of synth, Infinity Machine uses a range of tools to conjure healing. Moreover, the energy of the group space informs the musical direction. Infinity Machine, therefore, is not simply a collaboration between two seasoned artists; it’s a collaboration between musician, listener, and physical/non-physical spaces. The goal, or anti-goal, is presence -- an inward journey without destination.

Infinity Machine has performed for the ambient label Going In and for various events, and is currently working on a series of releases for a new DFA sub label entitled “Sacred Service.” It continues to bridge the worlds of ambient and underground psychedelic spaces, as well as the worlds between worlds -- continually exploring the sacred, the liminal, and the numinous.

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