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Bristol singer/songwriter & producer Harvey Causon's new single 'London Stock' will be released on Thursday 15th November, through Henry Green's label New Fugue.

Harvey is known for his powerful, brooding vocal, oscillating instrumentation and percussive electronica. His lyrics are introspective and explore anthropology, architecture and romance. Harvey writes and produces his own tracks, as well as collaborating with musicians Gabriel Gifford & Ben Toon.

'London Stock' sees Causon's collaboration with Gifford and Toon elevated to a new level. The twisted electronics and programmed beats of Harvey's previous releases, make way for live bass, afrobeat grooves and layered percussion. Nevertheless, Harvey's trademark songwriting style remains the focus, projected through his distinct vocal and piano pairing. This feels like progression, not deviation.

Speaking about the track, Harvey explains:

'London Stock' is an exploration of existentialism. We live in a society where, for multiple reasons, poor mental health affects too many young people. My experience of growing up and learning a lot about myself came from falling in love with London, it's culture, music and architecture. Many young people move away from what they previously knew as home (something physical) and some find it difficult to grasp a sense of reality and purpose. Having been interested in quantum physics and philosophy, I liked the fact that on a subatomic level physical things act very unnaturally and that much of today's technology is built on it's principles. 'London Stock' is a metaphorical depiction of bricks, what we think we see as beautiful and substantial, breaking down and that no one has 'all the answers.'

With a Maida Vale session under his belt, shows with Loyle Carner, Puma Blue, Tokio My- ers & Porches, plus extensive support from Radio 1 DJs (Alice Levine, Greg James, Dev, Clara Amfo, Matt Edmondson) and BBC Introducing's Track of the Week, 'London Stock' looks set to be another big step for an artist growing in confidence and gaining momentum.

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