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With ENFANT SAUVAGE, I wanted to show through three music videos, an album and photographs, a part of a world I knew very well. Through faces and places, sounds and lyrics, I wanted to tell the story of an era that I lived through with the innocent ardour of a youth in the wilderness.

I grew up in a countryside whose nature remains untamed. I saw brambles growing on the ruins of abandoned factories. I have walked along endless roads in the middle of fields and forests whose rhythm is driven by the seasons. I have grown, loved, cried, created and shared with the same people since the first days of school, because there was only us for miles around. Only us and our lives, discreet and often riddled with modesty, but also with an incredible contemplative strength in front of vast expanses without light on the horizon.

Many stores have closed and many people have left - starting with me, to look elsewhere for what I could not find here. But when I go back, my heart finds again this particular wave, these precious perfumes and these proud looks, rooted in a ground which sometimes drains painful past. And no matter the tears, whether of sorrow of joy, they have watered solid trees, growing petals that caress my inspiration.

Like a love letter to the teenager I was, trying to tame my deepest feelings that only an artistic expression could channel, ENFANT SAUVAGE is the most intimate project I have had the opportunity to create so far. It speaks about me, but also about those who crossed my path in these places and who made me the adult I am today. Their stories are part of mine.

After the whirlwind journey of The Blaze , this album is a place far from everything where I can take shelter to catch my breath and keep the fire alive. ENFANT SAUVAGE is all this, and I’m proud to share it with you – enjoy the tale of our youth.

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