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With "Fake Fame," Vancouver alternative rock duo Dear Rouge comes roaring back into the spotlight, making short work calling out the overinflated socialite influencers we see splashed across our social media. Danielle spits out "I don't want your fake fame!" with palpable bitterness, the latter word stretching out like an elastic before snapping into the chanting chorus melody. "Stardom is alluring and fascinating," said Danielle. "It can also be toxic, destructive, and entrapping. Just before writing this song, I actually deleted all social media from my phone. It felt like a small act of rebellion against the anxiety and pressure I felt. In our digital age where anyone can blow up overnight, or one can buy followers and validation, what does notability mean? "Fake Fame" is our attempt to answer to this question. It examines our addiction to technology, social media culture, fast fashion, and the tension between desiring and despising fame."

Dear Rouge's eagerly anticipated third record is due out in early 2022.

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