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Hailing from Jackson, TN, Brandon Lay is a "Country-Rock Springsteen" as described by Rolling Stone magazine. He claims to be musically between Don Williams and Def Leppard and has earned his stripes as a hard touring artist as well as established himself as a well-respected writer in the Nashville songwriting community. With over 215 million streams worldwide as well as 2 top 40 songs on the country charts, this former college basketball player turned musician has made a name for himself in the country music circles. He attributes growing up playing sports as the granite foundation of his work ethic.

Brandon has been on a major label and a major publisher the last 10 years and feels very blessed for the opportunities that have come his way. "I love to create and feel very fortunate to do this for a living. I hope to be 70 years old and get up every morning and write and record a song." In many ways he is just getting started.

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