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BB Wisely is a new trio composed of two longtime duos, Bridget Kearney & Benjamin Lazar Davis, and Chime Wisely (Davis and guitarist Will Graefe). Kearney, Davis and Graefe met as classmates at The New England Conservatory in the early 2000s and have collaborated in many different ensembles together, including Cuddle Magic, Okkervil River, Jesse Harris, and Maya Hawke. BB Wisely is their first endeavor as a trio. In the quiet locked down winter months of 2021, Davis and Kearney started writing songs for a new album remotely from their homes in Los Angeles and Brooklyn. They passed ideas back and forth over email and constructed elaborate, ornately produced demos of the songs in progress. When it came time to record the songs, they enlisted Graefe, a delicate virtuoso on the acoustic guitar, to adapt the full-scale digital production ideas into solo acoustic guitar accompaniments for the songs. The trio spent 10 days in a studio in Brooklyn, NY incorporating the melodic, harmonic and rhythmic ideas from the demos into Graefe's guitar parts. Kearney and Davis then built a studio in an AirBnb in Tepoztlan, Mexico to record their vocals atop Graefe's guitar parts, and compose and record additional layers on top of that. The resulting sonic landscape is uniquely intricate, yet stripped down. Lush, yet spare. "Coal Canary" is the debut single from BB Wisely from their forthcoming album of the same name.

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