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Singer/songwriter Amber Coffman answers the age-old question is love stronger than that morning jolt of caffeine, sharing her new song today, "No Coffee," from her upcoming debut album, City Of No Reply, due out on Columbia Records this June. The song is a bright lament and intricately layered ode of real longing. There's a bop to her delivery that makes "No Coffee" another example of the singer's subtle emotive power, and the perfect counter to "All To Myself," which drew praise last fall.

Former guitarist/singer for groundbreaking indie band the Dirty Projectors, Amber wrote and recorded her solo album in Los Angeles. She's quietly become one of the most intriguing and sought-after vocalists, delivering notable performances with Bjork and David Byrne on separate Dirty Projectors collaborations (Mount Wittenberg Orca and 'Knotty Pine,' respectively), with a host of cutting-edge artists from the EDM, Hip hop and indie worlds enlisting Coffman's talents for their own projects. Artists she has collaborated with include Major Lazer, Rusko, J.Cole, Snoop Dogg, Velvet Underground impresario John Cale and Frank Ocean's recent album Blonde.

Amber's formidable vocal presence makes "No Coffee" another flawless effort from the emerging solo artist.

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